For years, Ana has written poems to celebrate those whom she felt needed encouragement or love. Now she is offering to do the same for you and your loved ones. Imagine having a poem composed specially for you. Or perhaps you would like to honor someone you love. What better gift to celebrate a friend’s birthday, an engagement or wedding, or to pay tribute to a beloved who has passed on? You supply Ana with the details of the person to be honored and she will meditate on it and conjure a poem specifically contoured to that person. All poems will be printed on beautiful, frame-worthy paper, gift-wrapped in love.

Prices will vary, depending on length and circumstance but Ana is always willing to work with you. Please get in touch through the Contact Page to discuss details.




Her heart is an ocean of kindness

and warmth, an inviting cocoon

you could melt into. Petals of love

flower out of it to brighten

everyone in the room.

Listen to her laugh and

you can’t help but be happy,

bubbles of light spilling

out on the air and oh,

the way she welcomes sorrow

into the folds of her being

is inspiration. The deepest

disappointment melts

into a smile on her radiant

face. She has faced

the demons of darkness

and slain them. She is

no stranger to intensity

but bears it with rare grace.

And her thoughtful nature,

gifts flowing out of

her generous arms,

just what you wanted

or needed and they

fall into your lap

like surprise charms.

She is a friend

you could trust

with the inner reaches

of your heart,

with your trove

of dark secrets.

She listens and heeds

and rushes to help

when it’s most needed.

A loving, patient

confidante, she makes

flowers in the field

of her being for

every grievance

you lay at her feet.

And she writes like

an angel, her fervor

for life, her ebullient

exclamatives, her quotes

of Hafiz, sing in

your mailbox

and set birds chirping

in your chest. What grace

to share intimacies

and to be heard, really

heard. Caroline is a nest

you could settle into,

shawled in the moss

of her warmth, and

finally, endlessly rest.

Who wouldn’t rush

to celebrate her beauty,

her unspeakable grace,

her passionate hugs

and cries of elation

on this, her special,

perfect day?



A waterfall of hair

flowing smoothly

into her music

– a sinuous fusion –

– – pendants, earrings to create

cello and wind and air

it was her unique beauty.

Renaissance woman,

her gifts were jewels

that floodlit the cosmos.

She conjured birds

out of the ethers

tiny, graceful creatures

in rainbow shades.

But for all the charms

of water she conveyed,

she was a fire too,

a super human heat

flamed through her.

Most nights,

she didn’t sleep

for she had much to do

tunes to seduce us

photos to take.

Perhaps she knew

her days were running out.

It doesn’t matter now.

Her legacy to us

is nothing

short of grace.

And we will always

recognize her name

her face

in the deep bass notes

of cello

in the soaring flight

of birds

as she soars now,

freed of gravity,

a thousand gifts

bequeathed to us,

her beloveds,

in her wake.